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Lodgic Everyday Community is the smart new environment that supports daily life on your terms. It’s the first-ever blend of productivity-boosting workspace, flexible drop-in childcare, and fun, good-for-you dining — all in one energizing everyday place.

Reinvent your work-life balance. Say yes to what’s possible. Live bigger, work better — and stay focused on what’s most important to you. Discover a fresh spin on work-life freedom. Say hello to Lodgic.

Lodgic Everyday Community Childcare Coworking Dining Events and Meetings

24/7 COworking

For self-starters, team players, and go-getters. You may be solo, but you don’t have to work alone. Come, go, or stay all day. This round-the-clock community coworking space is as inspiring as it is hardworking.

24/7 Coworking Champaign with Affordable Coworking Space


The first-of-its-kind play-based, learning-oriented childcare that’s as flexible as you are. Hourly, daily, weekly. Evenings or Saturdays. Occasional drop-in or everyday routine. Kids can be spontaneous — now you can again, too.

Champaign Coworking Space with Freelance Community and Business Center


Your morning grab-and-go. Your farm-to-table lunch with the kids. Your after-work wind-down. Your what’s-for-dinner lifesaver. Our café and market, spitfire grill, and sit-down kitchen and bar will keep you fueled and friended all day and night.  


24/7 Coworking Champaign with Affordable Coworking Space
24/7 Coworking Champaign with Affordable Coworking Space


Amp your productivity. Grow your business. Find new connections and friendships. Lodgic Workplace℠ is your new workday home.

Our coworking community is a whole new kind of workplace. Quiet phone tents, energizing huddle huts, cozy corners, smart event spaces, stimulating meeting hubs, and blazing fiber speed — all accessible around the clock. Of course, caffeine and eats are available to fuel your creativity whenever you need it — and adult beverages whenever you want. 

It’s a great place to thrive and get work done on your schedule. Whether you're a freelancer, start-up, small business owner, or professional nomad, you can be proud of where you office. Make the move to a workspace for the vibrant, the visionary, the motivated, the innovative — no matter what drives you.

Community Coworking Champaign with Hourly Childcare
Community Coworking Champaign with Hourly Childcare


By the hour, the day, the week or month. Evenings and Saturdays, too. Whatever works for you, because Lodgic Kids Camp℠ understands that every day is different.

Discover the childcare that simplifies flexible work schedules. It’s so much more than daycare — it’s an amazingly affordable play-based learning environment for growing minds and building character. It’s where arts and crafts, healthy snacks and naps, and early-childhood happiness adapt to your modern work week.

This new kind of high-quality care allows parents to come, go, and pay only for the time they need. No reservations needed — no kidding. We’ve been caring for kids for over a hundred years, and we’ve learned a thing or two. This is way more than work/life balance — it’s straight-up harmonized family mojo.

Happy Couple in Champaign Fast Casual Restaurants
Delicious Affordable Food Grab-and-go Lunch


Lodgic keeps dining healthy, house-made, energizing, and affordable all day, either sit down or on the go. Culinary adventure and local foodie culture are built into everything we do — so get ready to satisfy your hunger and have some fun.

At our family-friendly Clever Moose℠ Market Cafe, the on-the-go option is also the good-for-you one.

Coffee, sandwiches, salads, juices, and easy take-home meals await. Stop in for your morning joe, bring the kids, feed the team — whatever you need at any time of day.

At the Lodgic Everyday Kitchen℠ spitfire and bar, settle in for craft cocktails and a lighter take on familiar American classics, simply prepared and served with heart. The professional-you can dig into business. The date-night-you can unwind for pleasure. Either way, you’ll find comfort in our locally sourced freshness.

Opening Summer 2018 in Champaign, Illinois.